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Hetalia fan will know... /crack/ by Miss-L-Hetalia8D Hetalia fan will know... /crack/ :iconmiss-l-hetalia8d:Miss-L-Hetalia8D 173 61
Kiss in the darkness chap 1 english version
A blade. Several times, repeated, struck with the energy of despair. A blood colorless, odorless, invisible and impalpable, dripping lightly on the cold floor. A fierce battle, not only for survival but also, as silly as it sounds, for tradition, for balance, for the entire universe.
They fight as if the fate of the world rested on their shoulders. What is true, basically.
An eternal struggle between life and death.
The angel took a deep breath, his sword still in hand, still covered with the blood of the demon. He looked up into the sky a dark blue, with gray clouds. His shoulder was burning.
The impure had had time to give him a blow that could be fatal if it had not prevented in time. The fight was hard, and had lasted at least the time of a hummingbird flapping its wings. Painfully slow.
He touched the tip of his finger his injured limb. A vacuum blood was trickling down his arm. It was unusually short of breath. He wiped the sweat from his brow. He had been afraid. The demon had a
:iconmiss-l-hetalia8d:Miss-L-Hetalia8D 0 0
Kiss in the darkness chap 2 english version
-Are you okay?
The angel raised his head. Its wings made a soft leathery noise in the ear. His "heart" leaped in his chest. Before him was a young man of about twenty, dressed richly, dressed all in black. His hair was quite long, grouped into a ponytail that was hidden beneath his shoulder blades. They had an orange color, turning brown in places. His eyes were like his hair. It was a beauty indeed human, but indisputable. He gave a slight smile.
-Can I help you?
The angel began to tremble. The red cheeks, he nodded, forgetting his pain for a moment, amazed by the features so soft and delicate that bloomed under his eyes. The boy held out his arm to help him up. His right hand was so beautiful, his fingers were so long and thin. A carnelian ring sparkled on his ring finger. Hesitating between the color red, yellow and orange hypnotized for a moment the angel.
He hesitated. It looked like he was going to make a deal with the devil.
Basically, it should look like.
Finally, he laid his h
:iconmiss-l-hetalia8d:Miss-L-Hetalia8D 1 0
OC writer meme
1. Renji
2. Keiko
3. Hotaru
4. Setsuna
5. Tsuki
6. Aoko
7. Kiyo
8. Kiba
9. Naraku
10. Matsuko
11. Xia-He
12. Akimitsu
1) Six is having a birthday party. What does eleven get them?
Aoko is having a birthday party, what does Xia-He get?
Well, she is probably not invited, but if she was, she would take a venetian mask.
2) Is four popular with the opposite gender?
Setsuna? No, not really. I mean, she's really a beautiful and sexy girl, but… She's a sadist, a psycho and a fucking pervert, especially with poor cute little boys. xD
3) What would happen if twelve and eight were forced to take care of someone else's baby?
Akimitsu and Kiba?
Oh God.
Akimitsu: Don't worry, miss, your baby is okay with me… I'm immortal, so I have a lot of patience, and I already had children, so it's not a problem… Kiba, what are you doing?
Kiba: Huh? I'm feeding him. 8D
Akimitsu: Oh. But… Wait, are you feeding him with pre-chewed meat?
Kiba: Yup. My mommy fed me with that when I was little. =D
:iconmiss-l-hetalia8d:Miss-L-Hetalia8D 0 0
Hetalia Writer's meme :3
Pick 10 characters and answer the questions below. You can pick any characters you like, both boys and girls!
1. Romano
2. Japan
3. Germany
4. France
5. Russia
6. Prussia
7. Hungary
8. Liechtenstein
9. China
10. Canada
1 woke you up in the middle of the night?
Romano? Wake me up?
Oh god. xD
Me (6am): Zzzz…
2 asked you to go out with him/her?
Japan: Hum… so, Miss… Do you want to go out with me?
Me: O.O
Japan: … Is it a no? :(
Me: Just excuse me one minute, please…
Me: //Insert mega squeal of fangirl// KYYYYYAAAAAH OMFG OMFG!!!!
(Return and glomp Japan)
Me: Pleeeaaaase… Tell me this one more time with your sweet voice… *P*
3 walked into the bathroom while you're showering?
Germany: =O Oh mein gott! Sorry, young lady! I don't even… >///
:iconmiss-l-hetalia8d:Miss-L-Hetalia8D 1 0
Hetalia :Rage Meme: by Miss-L-Hetalia8D Hetalia :Rage Meme: :iconmiss-l-hetalia8d:Miss-L-Hetalia8D 1 6
Kiss in the darkness chap 2
-Est-ce que ça va?
L'ange releva la tête. Ses ailes froufroutèrent, un bruit parcheminé doux à l'oreille. Son « cœur » fit un bond dans sa poitrine.
Devant lui se trouvait un jeune homme, d'environ vingt ans, habillé richement, tout de noir vêtu. Il avait les cheveux assez longs, regroupés en une queue de cheval qui disparaissait sous ses omoplates. Ils avaient une couleur orangée, virant au marron par endroit. Ses yeux étaient semblables à sa chevelure. Il avait une beauté certes humaine, mais indiscutable. Il fit un léger sourire.
-Je peux vous aider?
L'ange se mit à trembler. Le rouge aux joues, il hocha la tête, oubliant sa souffrance pendant un instant, émerveillé par les traits si doux et délicats qui s'épanouissaient sous ses yeux. Le garçon lui tendit son bras pour l'aider à se relever. Sa main droite était si belle, ses doigts étaient si l
:iconmiss-l-hetalia8d:Miss-L-Hetalia8D 0 3
A Kiss in the Darkness
Une lame. Plusieurs coups, répétés, assénés avec l'énergie du désespoir. Un sang incolore, inodore, invisible et impalpable, gouttant avec légèreté sur le sol froid. Un combat acharné, non seulement pour la survie mais surtout, aussi idiot que cela puisse paraître, pour la tradition, pour l'équilibre, pour l'univers tout entier.
Ils se battent comme si le destin du monde reposait sur leurs épaules. Ce qui est vrai, au fond.
Une lutte éternelle, entre la vie et la mort.
L'ange inspira un grand coup, son épée toujours à la main, encore couverte du sang du démon. Il releva la tête vers le ciel d'un bleu sombre, aux nuages grisâtres. Son épaule le brûlait.
L'impur avait eût le temps de lui porter un coup qui aurait pu s'avérer mortel, si il ne l'avait pas évité à temps. Le combat avait été ardu, et avait duré au moins le temps d'un batte
:iconmiss-l-hetalia8d:Miss-L-Hetalia8D 3 5


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Well, er... When I was little, I thought my life had no meaning. And, one day, I discover Kuroshitsuji, One Piece, Junjou Romantica, Death Note, Hetalia, Vocaloid... *o*
And my life has suddenly taken a correct path. ^^
I'm young, but I'm sooo fan-girl and perverted. xD
Oh, other than that... I love you. <3


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